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Back The Blue Event 2017

An Annual event put on by Tucson Jeeps and DM Military Jeeps to support our local law enforcement

The Facebook Event Page is Here 

The Facebook Page is Here

2017 Sponsors and Raffle Items

Current Event Information

  • Date – Saturday, September 23

Time – 8:20am to 2pm

Its official the Pima County Sheriff’s Department will be assisting us getting onto I-10 from our starting point. The Sheriff’s will make their way to the exit we will get off at and assist us with exiting the freeway and all the way to our event. Keep in mind once we are all on the freeway we will still have to let cars into merge and/or exit the freeway.

Starting point will be 5755 N Business Park Dr. Tucson AZ. If you are going to convoy you need to be there by 8:20

We will leave from there at 08:30 so that we can be at the venue in time for the 9 am start of the event. Once the Convoy arrives the event will officially start.

For those that do not want to join the convoy the address to the venue is 4300 Los Reales Rd Tucson AZ 85756. Please use the Pit entrance gate (It will be marked with signs)

There will be 3 lines to pick up items.
1 Line for T-shirts/Decals
1 Line for Raffle Tickets
1 Line for Pre-Sold T-shirts

Raffle will close at 12;00.

Starting at 12:30 we will have a special presentation with 2 confirmed Officers with the possibility of a 3rd officer. Promptly after that we will start the raffle and present the Tucson Police Foundation with the funds raised.

Slight modifications to timeline could happen but nothing with the starting point or starting time will change.

Other information to follow.

Contact for more info:

Gabe Spurling – Gabeau1611@gmail.com

Ryan Armstrong  – tucsonjeeps@gmail.com

Event Photos

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2016 Event Footage

Event Purpose and Clarity

Tucson Jeeps and DM Military Jeepers, organizers of the BACK THE BLUE event on September 23rd, want to remind participants and non-participants alike that this is a family-friendly, fund raising event and should in no way be construed to be a political event of any kind. Proceeds from raffles, sticker and tee shirts sales will be donated to the Tucson Police Foundation. Attendees are asked to bring cases of drinking water which will be donated to Fisher House and to Ronald McDonald House. We invite you all to bring your families and demonstrate the community spirit that is such a big part of Jeeping. But let’s leave politics at home for the day. Thank you.

More 2016 Event Footage

Event Photos

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Event Photos

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